Do you spell Archy with a 'y', or an 'ie'? A pome.

Archy smarchie, pudden and pie
kissed the cats and went bye bye.

All the kings' soldiers (on joint exercise)
were rolling the boulders and looking so wise
except for the laughter tears in their eyes

as hunting so high and hunting so low
they found archy smarchie way up on the snow

first on his fast skis and then on a sled
as off on the glorious chase that he led
to pollies dis-honoured
and judges de-famed
promises broken
and policies blamed.

All of which tells us,
us, young but not blind
that spelling don't matter as long as he's kind,

as long as he's handsome
and half good in bed
with even a half brain still there in his head,

as long as he helps,
and you frequently find
those great chunks of humour still there in his mind.

Looks aren't a quest
if the soul's there to see
and brains only matter to those who aren't twee,

strength only counts
when you don't have a crane
but driving is good if you can't catch a train.

There's nothing so bad
that we can't make it worse
and being too rigid is so bad a curse

that archie or archy
can't matter a damn,
however you spell it

it's still who I am.

Copyright © 1998 Peter Leon Collins
v1, 02/04/98