A Brief Biography

Peter Leon COLLINS, born London, U.K., 1937, emigrated to New Zealand with his mother at the start of the second world war, in 1940. They ended up in Christchurch, and when they were joined there by his father at the end of the war, he was sent to be educated at Cathedral Grammar School and Christ's College.

School was followed by a series of occupations, including physics technician, newsagent, and the setting up and running of a landscape and nursery business for ten years; then a stint at Otago University, which resulted in a B.Sc. in mathematics.

The degree provided the qualification for a very stressful year teaching high school, which in turn helped crystalise a decision to enter project management and consulting in the application of computers to medicine and business. This was disrupted by: research into methods for teaching computing skills, at Otago University, as the 1976 winner of the N.Z. Department of Education 'Excellence in Industry' award; emigration to Australia in 1980; and in 1990 a skirmish with cancer.

Odds of two to one against surviving, and being reduced by radiotherapy side-effects to a walking skeleton, led to early retirement. Diet, good care and rehabilitation exercise eventually achieved a full recovery, however.

By 1995 professional contracts were once more practical, and these have included the development of medical practice management systems, consulting and managing complex distributed information systems projects, and technical writing.

From 1981 Peter, who has four grown-up children by previous marriages, lived in the leafy Sydney suburb of Mosman, until the death of his wife from cancer over twenty years later. At 65 he has remarried and returned to New Zealand where he is preparing to obtain qualification as a ski nstructor. He continues to accept writing contracts, as well as turning out short stories and the occasional novel, 'initially as a pastime' though he would be pleased to hear from any keen publisher! His other interests include electronics, music, chess, literature, and cycling.

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