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Professional Experience

Peter Collins is principal of VIVID Management Pty Limited, consulting in Project Managment, Management and Information Technology, Business Analysis, Systems Specification, Quality Assurance, Methodologies and all related Technical and User Documentation. Peter is a highly experienced business consultant, specialising in applying information technology to commercial excellence.

His experience in the business and technical applications of computers and communications spans 30 years, during which time he has held positions such as Chief Programmer for New Zealand Government Department of Health, and as senior consultant with organisations including CSA, Computer Power and Ernst & Young has provided advice to such clients as Commonwealth Industrial Gases, COMALCO, Federal Airports Corporation, NSW Treasury, AMP Society.

Assignments have covered a wide range of business sectors which include: Insurance, Superannuation, Health, Tertiary Education, Accounting and Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Industrial, Transport, Education, Building.

Most of those assignments have required advanced analytic and writing skills, and the output has included project concept plans, formal proposals and contracts, business analyses, strategic plans, project status audits, systems requirements and specifications, a wide variety of management briefings, investigative reports; and at various times on a more technical level, training guides, functional and maintenance descriptions for data processing (software) and electronic components (hardware).

The specific skills brought to those assignments include: Strategic Planning; Business Needs Analysis; Computer Systems Specification, Selection and Design; Methodology and Quality Assurance implementation; Human Resource Management; Computer Acquisition and Installation; Project Planning and Management; Electronics design and manufacturing, Technical and Statistical Research and Analysis; Training Design and Administration.

Peter was born in London, UK in 1937, grew up in New Zealand, emigrated to Australia in 1980 and is now an Australian Citizen. He has four adult children and enjoys skiing, cycling, sailing, reading, writing fiction, electronics, music and theatre.


Date Company Position Description

2002 - Gumnut Software Technical Writer Specification, organisation, writing and implementation of installation and user guides, integrated help systems, training texts and scripts for an inter-related set of systems for the appointments, billing, accounting, staff rostering and client relationship administration in the Medical, Hair, Beauty, Day Spa and Leisure Management Industries. This project includes post-development synchronisation of product documentation and software versions, single-source - multi-use documentation tools and work methods, Documentation Standards and Writers' Guide, Interactive web-based documentation, Screen-context application Help system, PDF and HDK document conversion.

2000 - 2002 Syscorp P/L Technical Writer Specification and organisation of large-team, knowledge-management technical writing projects including marketing materials, senior executive briefings, installation and user guides, help systems and web-site content for an integrated, large-organisation wholesale funds-management distributed software application. Publications and other outputs included Documentation Strategic Plan, Software Release Certificates, Training Plan, training courseware, Knowledge-Base design and development, WordVB macro development, VSS version control, synchronisation of product documentation and software versions, single-source - multi-use documentation tools and work methods, Intraweb site design and maintenance, Documentation Standards and Writers' Guide, Interactive web-based documentation, Screen-context application Help system, PDF and HDK document conversion.

1991 - VIVID Management P/L Principal Consulting and Consulting Policy, Client Account Management, Methodologies, Standards, Quality Control. Graphic design and Typography using Corel, WinWord, FrameMaker, WinHelp(HDK) etc. Assignments include:


GEC Marconi Systems Pty Ltd

Technical Writer

Author, Software Test Description document for a specialised Hardware/Software Automated Test Rig. Author, Guidelines for multi-user shared-access document development. Programmer (C++) specialised version control system for large Excel spreadsheets (50,000 lines by 1000 columns). All within a CMM-oriented defense-product environment.


GEC Marconi Systems Pty Ltd

Technical Writer

Editor, procedures and standards for development, coding and testing C++ program modules and integration within software projects in a CMM-oriented defense-product environment.

  OPTUS Cable and Wireless Technical Writer Author, OptusWeb Style Guidelines - standards and procedures for preparing information for inclusion on the Optus intranet.

  Clinical Reporting Systems P/L Project Manager, X400 Interfacing Included writing the technical design and all hard-copy and on-line documentation.

  Lend Lease Employer Systems Ltd Project Manager Restore to project control a combined supplier/client team integrating a bureau payroll with interactive inhouse HR, rostering and scanner based job costing systems. Included writing implementation strategy papers and technical feasibility analysis reports.

  Harcourts NZ Ltd Business Consultant Plan and manage the network strategies and the policies, staffing, training and implementation of professional user management and project control methods across the whole network (126 offices). Advise on ISO-9001 certification.

  Canon Information Systems Research Australia Technical Writer For an image organisation and manipulation software application, design and write the user guide, application context dependant help system and tutorial lesson. Included design and drafting of illustrative graphics.

  Springboard Experience P/L Typographer Layout, typesetting, graphics design and print preparation for 'Living Intuitively' (300pp)

  CIBA GEIGY Aust Ltd Business Consultant Requirements analysis, project planning and management, systems design and implementation: Protocol Control System. Included writing the user requirements document and project implementation plan.

  Potters Society of Australia Typographer Layout, typesetting of newsletters and leaflets, including some sub-editing of contributed copy.

  Clinical Reporting Systems P/L Business Consultant Client liaison, staff training (project management and business needs analysis), computer system information engineering. Advise and project manage ISO-9001 certification.

  VIVID Management P/L Business Consultant Business requirements, Policy and Procedures design and documentation, Organisation Structure and Executive Recruitment.

  South Western Sydney Area Health Service Independent Assessor Selection of Senior Executive Technical Director.

  Eli Lilly Australia Business Consultant Analysis and documentation for Decision Support System business requirements,
writing the RFT, preparation and methods for the acquisition and installation of a Total Quality Management (TQM) success factor information system.

  MLC Payroll Services Business Consultant Advice on strategies to target identified market segments.

Blacktown City Council IT Consultant (1992) Project lead the specification of requirements for mainframe and all applications software for the whole organisation; design a Market Survey, write the RFT and the methodology for evaluation of and selection from the tenders.

  Eli Lilly Australia Project Manager For a Marketing Information Analysis and Reporting System, analysis and documentation of User Requirements and System Specification, selection of Database and 4GL Software, application programming, writing the user guide and training manual, implementation of the system and all user training.

1986 - 1991 Ernst & Young Management Consulting Services Senior Consultant Client Account Manager, Project Manager, Business Problem Solving Facilitation, Information Systems and Technology Acquisition and Consultancy. Assignments include:

  Parramatta City Council Project Consultant Business requirements analysis, hardware facility and capacity analysis for market survey and RFT.

  NSW Department of Family and Community Services Project Manager, Mainframe Review Team leading and writing for the Mainframe Computing Review, including capacity analysis, market review, cost benefit risk analysis, staffing and organisation assessment, and general site evaluation.

  Western Sydney Area Health Service Project Manager Research and write the Information Systems Division Strategic Business Plan, User Requirements analysis, Database and 4GL needs analysis, market survey, methodology needs analysis, staffing and organisation requirements and recommendations for restructuring.

  Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Consultant Database, 4GL and Development Environment assessment, software supplier evaluation, project risk analysis.

  NSW Office of State Revenue Project Manager User Requirements, Market Review, Information Analysis, Goal analysis linked to Critical Success Factor and Performance Indicator documentation, for an Executive Information System.

  Federal Airports Corporation Project Manager All Business Systems Requirements, Analysis and Documentation, Market Review, RFT, evaluation methodology, assessment, selection recommendation report, acquisition, implementation, system test methodology, and staff training - for all computer hardware, software and networking throughout all major Australian commercial airports and the Corporation's Head Office.

  ACT Omnibus Network Project Manager Business requirements, market review, RFT, evaluation methodology, selection report for networked bus fleet administration and scheduling system.

  State Transit Authority of NSW Project Manager Business requirements, RFT, evaluation methodology and acquisition strategy for networked bus operator revenue collection and control system.

1984 - 1986 Computer Power Ltd Senior Consultant Client Account Manager, Project Manager, Business Problem Solving Facilitation, Information Systems and Technology Acquisition and Consultancy. Assignments include:

  State Superannuation Board of NSW Account Manager Business Requirements, Software Team Management, Mainframe capacity planning and installation, systems test methodology - for the main superannuation systems to process client records including the premium, entitlement and disbursement subsystems.

  QBE Insurance Ltd Project Manager Workers Compensation record keeping, risk and premium assessment networking system, including the design of interfaces, development Marketing risk analysis, design of commercial development strategy.

1981 - 1984 Computer Sciences of Australia Senior Member of Consulting Staff Project Manager, Business Requirements Analysis, Information Systems and Technology Acquisition and Consultancy. Assignments include:

  AMP Society Hardware Purchase Strategic Plan Analysis for and writing Business Systems Requirements, Hardware strategic planning and capacity assessment for the Fire and General insurance systems throughout Australasia, Machine room functional requirements analysis, evaluation methodology, contract preparation, supplier negotiation.

  Department of Main Roads NSW Project Manager Business requirements, Database and 4GL selection and implementation, implementation of development methodology, development team management, systems test methodology, implementation strategy for major property administration system.

  Blacktown City Council IT Consultant (1983) Mainframe and software requirements specification, Market Survey, RFT, evaluation methodology and acquisition.

1980 - 1982 IMG Consultants Data Processing Manager Responsible for all IT activities, assets and staffing; acquisition and installation; software analysis, development, testing and training.

1978 - 1980 Department of Health, New Zealand. Chief Programmer All systems development projects, data processing standards, staff training, distributed database strategies, network protocols

1976 - 1978 University of Otago NZ Postgraduate Research Scholar Adapt and document ALGOL-W for use by schools on NZ Databank network. Design and program front-end interfaces. Design and Program emulator to run IBM370 code on Burroughs 6700.

1973 - 1978 Peter Collins Associates, New Zealand Industrial Systems Consultant Consulting and Consulting Policy, Client Account Management, Methodologies, Standards, Quality Control. Assignments include:

  Legal Practice (Dunedin, New Zealand) System Analyst/Developer Mortgage, Lease and Rent Trust accounting, processing and reporting relational database system - Burroughs assembler language.

  National Insurance Coy (Australasia) Project Manager Policy payment and disbursement Information Processing Work Flow Analysis, Batchsize Analysis, Peak Loadshedding Strategy.

  Reserve Bank of New Zealand Senior Consultant Senior member of design and development team, Financial Database Project.

  NZ Federation of Transport Associations Project Manager Business Requirements, technology strategy review, computer acquisition policy, evaluation methodology.

1972 - 1973 Mosgiel Ltd, New Zealand Systems Analyst Systems design and development - payroll, invoicing, debtors, creditors, general ledger.

1970 - 1972 Otago Hospital Board, NZ. Organisation and Methods Officer Investigate and report on management strategies and data processing facilities, develop DP standards, supervise software testing.

1970 Otago Education Board, NZ Teacher Final-year senior high-school Mathematics and Statistics teaching, King's High School, Dunedin, New Zealand.

1968 - 1970 University of Otago, NZ Tutor - Technician Design and make experimental equipment, design statistics and computing exercises and programs, tutor classes.

1962 - 1963 Eclipse Radio, NZ Assistant Manager Design and construction.of TV set assembly and test line, pilot operation, production handover.

1960 - 1968 Garden Services, NZ Proprietor Establish and run a horticultural company with a full time staff of nine.

1958 - 1960 University of Otago NZ Electronics Technician Instrumentation and control systems for Linear Accelerator on atomic research project.

Technical tools and applications (with varying levels of expertise) include:

COMMS/NETWORK PRODUCTS: DecSystem 10/20, Burroughs datacom, Wingate, DecNet, Ethernet (TCP/IP)

SOFTWARE PRODUCTS and METHODOLOGIES: Mentor (methodology), Spectrum (methodology), SDM 90 (methodology), PMW (proj mgt.), PMS (estimating), WordPerfect, MS Word xx, FrameMaker xx, HTML (any tools), JavaScript, MS Proj Mgt, Excel, IEW (CASE tool), HDK (help systems), Robohelp, CRS (CASE tool), Corel (graphics), AS/NZS 4258, ISO 900X, TQM

HARDWARE - O/S: Burroughs E4000, DecSystem 10/20, CP/M, IBM DOS/360-370, Burroughs 6800, ICL George, IBM OS/2, Win(3.11, 95), PICK, MS/DOS

LANGUAGES: IBM 360 assembler, PDP-8 PAL 3, FORTRAN, Stanford (SAIL), E4000 Assembler, Z80 assembler, MS macro assembler, GP500 Assembler, COBOL, PL/1, PL/360, Algol, C++, C, Basic, Pascal, APL, Datacom Algol

DATABASES/4GLs/ SYSTEM TOOLS: dBase Foxbase Clipper, VpInfo, Informix, CRS, Paradox, SQL, Information (PICK), FOCUS, Dataflex, Datatrieve, ZIM, MS Access

Professional Qualifications and Activities include:

Bachelor of Science, majoring in Mathematics and Operations Research (Otago, New Zealand)

Postgraduate Research in Computer Science (NZ Government Study Award for Excellence in Industry)

Member of the Australian Society of Technical Communicators

Past Associate Member of the NZ Statistical Society

Past Member of the New Zealand Computer Society.

‘Developing Quality Systems Documentation’ (the use of ISO 900X) - University of Sydney.

‘Financial Aspects of Establishing a Business’ - University of Sydney.

‘Best Staff Management’ - University of Sydney.

‘Developing Windows Help Systems’ - University of Sydney.


Peter is the principal of VIVID Management Pty Limited which undertakes Management and Information Technology Consulting, Business Analysis, Systems Specification, Quality Assurance, and all related Technical and User Documentation.


Peter specialises in Strategic Planning; Business Requirements; Hardware/Software Requirements Specification and Selection; Project Management, Quality Assurance and documentation for Information Systems. His experience includes mathematical and data modelling, office automation and personnel systems and industrial and commercial operations reviews. He has had extensive experience in the data processing industry over the past 25 years, with a large exposure to the health, legal and education professions.

Prior to entering the Information Systems field, Peter's experience included several years as an electronics technician on a nuclear research project and a similar period of university tutoring and school teaching in Mathematics, Statistics and Computing.


Key aspects of Peter's experience include:

Corporate Planning, Strategic Planning and Project Management

Project Manager to NSW Office of State Revenue for Systems Requirement Documentation. This specification of User Requirements for an Executive Information Systems (EIS) was carried out as a 50 consultant day Information Engineering Workbench assignment.The EIS was required to provide directors with Performance Indicators extracted from various corporate computer systems and other services and measured or displayed against their contracted Critical Success Factor (CSF) values.

Documentation produced by this project covered not only the EIS functional requirements, but also the CSFs and their relationships to the organisation structure and goals, the information requirements and the computer and manual data sources needed to support the proposed system. The CSF documentation, produced as a bonus within the original project estimate, revealed to the client organisation for the first time how the CSFs and Goals were inter-related and thus what commercial benefits could be exploited by implementing the specification.

Project Manager to NSW Department of Family and Community Services for Mainframe Computing Review. This 30 day investigation produced an in-depth report on the costs and benefits and the commercial risks and advantages of wide ranging alternative approaches for providing 24 hour computing services to the 10,000 staff of this department at several hundred offices around the state. The report of findings provided essential input to the selection of implementation tactics for the Corporate Information Technology Strategic Plan.

For Lend Lease, to bring under control a systems integration project for Australian National (railways) which was to span several states, linking large numbers of personal computers with mainframe and minicomputer distributed databases, using a variety of protocols, including ZACS, ODBC, SQL, RPC and PCNFS.

The consultancy began in mid-project, with a brief to raise client confidence, mend user relationships, contain over-runs, reduce re-work, improve the timeliness and quality of project deliverables so to achieve a working, accepted system within tolerable time and cost. The project presented particular coordination and communication problems, due largely to having over twelve specialist teams from the two organisations required to combine their efforts from various locations in three states.

The consultancy was handed back to in-house management after successfully re-negotiating the contract, rescheduling the project and placing it back in control within the amended requirements, schedule and cost constraints, (the latter achieved in part by gaining team support for inhouse ISO-9001 standards).

For Harcourts, NZ, problem analysis to determine causes for cost increases and reduced client/user satisfaction and participation in a franchise network with 125 member offices. Design and progressively implement corrective strategies, including operational platform, systems changes, hardware deployment, staff roles and responsibilities, documentation design, Help Desk and Public Relations. A critical feature of the client environment is the autonomy of the individual office clusters, as they need not use the system unless they wish to, so it is not enough for it to be cost effective over-all. It has to be attractive and cost effective in each and every office.

For Eli Lilly, Australia, design and development of a system to monitor marketing and prescription patterns in a specific therapy program.

For Western Sydney Area Health Service, preparation of a strategic business plan for the Information Systems Division of WSAHS. A key element was the particular focus on the development by users and stakeholders of the main service categories and standards that the I.S. Division should provide to its clients. Examples of these directions include integration of clinical computing requirements and provision of "internal consulting" support. The strategies and costed detailed action plans are thus totally focused on user needs and include technical development and purchases only to the degree really necessary to support that direction.

For Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, strategic considerations for computer database and systems development environment for development of an Integrated Laboratory System. An important consideration was the potential for sale of copies of the completed system. Ability to run on a variety of hardware bases was therefore a key issue, as was the need to interface to a wide variety of accounting systems and Record Management (Patient and Medical Records) systems.

Chief programmer in the Data Processing Division of the New Zealand Department of Health. During that period, the Department completed the development and implementation of a continuous on line service to over two hundred hospitals, through a network of dozens of unattended PDP-11 nodes, from four DEC mainframes broadband linked between two "hot" sites almost a thousand kilometres apart. The systems provided for the secure recording of medical records for the whole population, and provided integrated patient and staff scheduling, stores, payroll, accounting and cost control as well as a range of diagnostic and scientific applications. Peter was responsible for the correct and efficient development of all application programs, and for technical standards, training and development for almost 150 systems development staff.

He personally managed several Health Department projects. These included: the design and development of a special purpose report generator for surgeons to use in ad-hoc reporting of medical diagnostic and research results; and the implementation of a networked probabilistic simulator of radiation dosages within the human body for radiotherapy treatment planning. He was the author of "Function and Compatibility in the NZ Department of Health Data Processing Network", was the chairperson of the Department's "Distributed Database Design" Committee, was on the Department's EDP Standards Committee and co-authored the Standards Manual. He was also involved in the introduction of SPECTRUM to the development work of the Department.

Took part in the pilot introduction of computer-based systems for patient admission, tracking and discharge system (1968). Since then, initiated a move towards localised on-line record keeping and analysis (1971). Subsequently headed the database and programming groups implementing the New Zealand Department of Health National Patient Information Database (1978). This placed patient location and discharge summary records, for over 200 hospitals, on a centralised database and provided fast comparative analysis of diagnostic and related statistics.

For R.J. Reynolds, design and prototype implementation of budget and commitment system. Central to the design is flexibility of budget structure and reallocation capabilities combined with audit trails, controls, on-line over-expenditure warnings and incorporation of both actual and contingent creditors into the budget reporting and forecasting modules.

For VIVID Management P/L, as principal, for all aspects of management and client services provided by this small consultancy.

Project Manager for a two-year Computer Based Training project for users of computer systems in the Attorney General's Department of New South Wales. The project is the design, development and implementation of training facilities and course ware for use by over 1500 staff at 180 court registries throughout the state. The brief includes project planning and budgets, performance monitoring, quality control, contingency planning and maintaining the quality and quantity of output from mixed teams, drawn from Departmental staff, external suppliers and other agencies. The work has involved adaptation of SPECTRUM to provide a customised CBT Development Methodology, and the establishment of the first SPECTRUM-based evaluation panels and quality review board within the Department.

For the State Land Information Council of NSW, led a SPECTRUM project audit team reviewing the "Hub" computer system and its hardware, software, project planning, systems development progress, quality assurance procedures, network requirements and database suitability. A primary feature of the Hub design is the physical and logical linking and integration of computer-based, land-related textual and graphical information, between all State bodies with custodial responsibility for such data.

Production of a Long Range Information Systems Plan for a Marketing Decision Support System for Coca-Cola Australia. The plan integrates the information needs of the manufacturing, marketing, distribution and retailing organisations who are involved in all aspects of the flow of product from design to consumption.

Developed a strategic systems plan for the Federal Airports Corporation, Australia. This was followed by the definition of all requirements and selection of all hardware and software for the Australian-wide integrated administration and accounting data communications network for the Corporation. He was subsequently the project manager for the acquisition, development, training for, and implementation of the resulting systems.

For DFC, New Zealand, a review of priority setting methods and implementation of reporting and costing procedures for corporate data processing. The brief involved relating business requirements, for multi-million dollar real-time applications, back to corporate objectives. This ensured that the computing dollars would be spent on truly advancing the aims of the firm. Implementation of SPECTRUM and selection of suitable facilities managers were key elements in the successful outcome of the assignment.

For Ancol, a review of office and data processing procedures in conjunction with the installation of advanced, computer administered materials handling technology and the use of portable data terminals for order entry in the field.

Consultant to the NSW Department of Main Roads to carry out the feasibility study and subsequently manage the development of a major transaction processing, property administration database system. This was integrated with other maintenance, land use and accounting systems on several makes of interlinked computers within the Department. The brief also involved the introduction of SPECTRUM and providing advice and support on the implementation of that methodology.

For AMP, undertook a strategic plan and capacity projection for a multi-CPU, fail-safe configuration supporting their South Pacific insurance processing network.

For National Insurance, New Zealand, an effectiveness review of the use of automation techniques in their business office procedures.

Computer Software and Hardware Acquisition and Installation

Project Manager to Blacktown City Council for Specification and Purchase of Computer Systems. This 40 day consultancy for a 1000-terminal computer system acquisition one of the largest local bodies in NSW, included facilitation of user requirements documentation, preparation of Invitation to Register and Request for Tender, methodology and management of the specification and selection processes, and Quality Assurance of all aspects of the project, from preliminary requirements through to final purchase recommendation. Client staff were trained to carry out the system definition and evaluation of responses wherever appropriate. The advantage of this for the client organisation is that its systems users then get system solutions that best fit their business needs. (Nine years later, again commissioned by Council to review its I.T. requirements in the light of business changes and technical advances in computing in the intervening period, to supervise the preparation and issue of an ‘upgrade’ RFT and again to supervise the training of client staff to carry out the assessment of tenders and develop their own purchase recommendation.).

For the ACT Internal Omnibus Network ('ACTION'), Project Manager for specification and acquisition of application software and hardware, for scheduling bus movements and rostering staff. The requirements covered Local Area Networking, Office Automation, integration between the main applications, high reliability and 24 hour service. The resulting system, applied to a fleet of 500 buses, was able to save several million dollars for each 1% improvement in the timetables and schedules. The project was carried out from preliminary requirements to find decision in only six weeks, using an accelerated tender negotiation approach and a combined team of consultants and client staff.

For Commonwealth Industrial Gases, an evaluation of technical implications of Tender Responses for a Distribution System, including compatibility between systems, hardware capacity, load potential of software development languages, network interfacing and upgrade capabilities.

Consultant to State Transit Authority of NSW, to prepare a technical hardware specification and evaluation process for bus operators revenue collection an control systems to be used at all the Authority's metropolitan bus depots.

For Federal Airports Corporation, defined all the commercial business requirements and managed the acquisition and implementation of all the necessary hardware, networks, software, accounting structures and procedure manuals for the operation of the major commercial airports throughout Australia.

Conversion and implementation of radiotherapy treatment planning software on the New Zealand Nationwide Health Department data network.

For Otago Hospital Board, New Zealand, a review of computer requirements and acquisition and installation of additional equipment.

For the Catholic Schools Authority of NSW, advised on the approaches to management and contractual arrangements for the development and implementation of an inhouse interactive human resource management system which interfaced to a major payroll bureau.

Account Manager to the State Superannuation Board of NSW on the installation of a new mainframe computer in a new building. This included supervision of design and installation for the computer room facilities, evaluation and selection of Office Automation products, conversions of systems from a variety of machines, systems programming and recruiting and training of staff.

In addition to the above, there have been a number of Project Management assignments to various computer installations requiring specialised environment and security control.

Mathematical and Data Modelling

Analysis of discharge statistics of the Otago Hospital Board, New Zealand, to determine relationships between diagnostic group, treatment group, bedstay and outcome.

For Comalco, a SPECTRUM data analysis study. This included designing the database structure, determining computer capacity requirements and equipment recommendations for the integrated rolling mill inventory, manufacturing, costing and sales system.

For the State Superannuation Board of NSW, an investigation into 4GL efficiencies and problems. This included studying the relationships between numbers of users and the complexities of their problems, frequency of use and possible hardware loads. The output was a predictive analysis of the probable frequency and extent of bottlenecks to be expected on a typical large commercial installation using one of the more popular configurations.

Consultant to the Commonwealth Department of Immigration & Ethnic Affairs to carry out a feasibility study into mathematical modelling of population movements and service demands. This included the design of demographic data collection, design of a suitable database and the specification of special reports to accent the relevant issues arising from the study. The research model also included analysis of a subset of the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census summary tapes and incorporation of that material in the project datasets.

For Computer Power, evaluation and development of Project Control and Monitoring Methodologies (SPECTRUM, SDM, etc.) for use in 4GL environments.

Office and Personnel Systems

For the Otago Hospital Board, New Zealand, a review of computer requirements and acquisition and installation of additional equipment. The respecification and reprogramming of payroll/staff records system, to incorporate changed legislative requirements, was a significant component of that project.

For Computer Power, designed the commercial development strategy for an office product system incorporating a new approach to Electronic Mail. This work was done in conjunction with the Computer Research team at a NSW University.

Supervised the development of user requirements for automating Ernst & Whinney Human Resource Management. Developed the long-term strategy, selected the software and hardware and managed the implementation project.

Managed an Office System - Workers Compensation Insurance Systems development project for QBE. This uses Personal Computers, linked to the Mainframe, to integrate the clerical preparation of estimates with the customer background and statistical data in the company Master Files.

For the State Superannuation Board of NSW, account Manager on the installation and programming of a mainframe computer for a dedicated superannuation and personnel records application. This included conversions of systems from a variety of machines, systems programming and recruiting and training of staff.

Coordinated the design and selection of a flexible Human Resource Management System for Schroders. The specification included interfaces between the HRMS, the cost and accounting systems and an external payroll provider.

Industrial and Commercial Production and Capacity Planning and Reviews

For Eli Lilly, strategic planning support for installation of manufacturing and distribution software.

For Commonwealth Industrial Gases evaluation of technical implications of various Distribution System proposals.

Review and modification of laundry services and Sterile Supply procedures for the Otago Hospitals Board, New Zealand.

For Otago Hospitals Board, New Zealand, analysis of the elevator requirements of a 600 bed hospital ward block.

For Otago Hospitals Board, New Zealand, physical Records management study for centralised hospital medical history archiving.

For Eclipse Radio, New Zealand, design and implementation of an electronic product manufacturing facility and quality control centre.

For Microbee, Australia, operational review of a computer manufacturing plant.

Efficiency review of the business documentation procedures for National Insurance, New Zealand.

Pathology laboratory methods review and strategic plan for the Otago Hospitals Board, New Zealand.

Project manager or consultant for the establishment and review of various small business ventures including horticulture, light engineering and building industries.

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