Ode to a VDU

Requiem to a blank screen.

My VDU is on the fritz
exploded into litle bitz.
I jest of course, just hyperbole,
the case and all is still quite whole.
It's just the screen, it's gone quite black
I cannot get the picture back
and even calls with sobbing voice
they only get the user's choice.
There's really nothing I can do,
they lent me one (and it broke too).
My own in three weeks will come back,
(six months more likely, oh, alack),
at least I've got the other one
and it's just had its own dear run
of circuit boards, but now it shows
its picture fine.

That's how it goes.
Fix one up, no ifs or buts,
the other one will spill its guts.
Computers, worse than little girls
fussing with their long blond curls,
getting jealous, playing sick,
wanting daddy there so quick.

I wish that they had never been,
I wish that I had never seen
computers, networks, all that stuff,
to keep it running's just too tough.

Copyright 1998 Peter Leon Collins
v1, 02/04/98