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Peter L Collins
Pilot, (retired Writer, Skier and Business Consultant)

Bonita and Peter are Married

Hi, I'm Peter Leon Collins, born in 1937 in London, England. I'm retired and live with my wife Bonita in Rangiora, in the South Island of New Zealand, where I do the heavy work in tending our garden, and have joined the local flying club.

Now 81, I have been sixteen years married to the true love of my life, Bonita, and we moved here so I could get to ski almost all winter at Mt Hutt, but now I no longer ski, have learnt to fly, purchased an IBIS microlight plane and one way and another have flown almost everywhere in New Zealand.

When I was not otherwise busy, I worked on a set of short stories and (of course) the inevitable novel. Yes, I was interested in being published, and did welcome requests to read my work, some of which can be viewed through my list of sample writings, (latest addition: Destiny in Red, a work-in-progress psycho-sexual thriller), but my writing ambitions have faded as I have aged. Email me at

Naturally, I try to keep up with developments in modern management and writing, and I enjoy classical and some jazz music, theatre and cinema, and doing innovative and inventive things with bits of wood and metal (and flying).

Several years ago when I was quite ill, I expected to be away only briefly from my profession of management consulting. After my convalescence, however, I found my directions had changed - I needed a more relaxed style. So here I now am.

I try to keep fit, though I no longer downhill ski and ice-skate, and we ballroom dance in our own unique style only rarely. But I do fly, maintain our plane, and work with a consortium who are converting an Amateur-built plane to be a very economical higher-powered Class 1 microlight glider-tow-plane in support of "Youth Glide". Altogether, I do keep active.

Peter Collins, VIVID Management,
Pilot (ex Management Consultant and Technical Writer)

Bonita L and Peter L Collins,
Snail Mail to: PO Box 542 Rangiora, 7440, New Zealand
Phone +64 3 313 0337 Mobile +64 21 131 6309
Residence: 239 West Belt, Rangiora, 7400, New Zealand.
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