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Getting there is half the fun

Well, having put all our worldly goods into the care of Crown Removals, and seen the container sealed on 14 November 2003, we hired a car and took off North. We aimed to look in on our various relatives up the East Coast of Australia, then fly to New Zealand from Brisbane. First stop was the home of Peter's daughter, Juliet.

We had heard a lot about her garden, done on natural methods, out at Wynnum, near the bay. Despite never experiencing artificial fertilisers or insecticides it is flourishing and healthy. It was a joy to see.

While we were with Juliet and Rob, we took a side trip to bla bla bla and looked in on the old home that Bonita's grandfather, Herb Kay, built on a 20 acre block in the 1930s.

It's not much changed since Bonita stayed there as a little girl in the 1950s, with one major exception...

... back then the old house stood on its own, surrounded by empty land which Grandfather Kay farmed in his retirement from the cane fields. There he grew fruit and vegetables for family use with the surplus going to market. Now, however, it's all city blocks of residences, and not a patch of clear ground to be seen for miles around.