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The big day arrives.

Saturday 7 June dawned delightfully clear, the sun rising bright into a clear blue sky. The taxi had been called for 11 am, and arrived on time to collect Ray, Peter and Bonita with dress, hat, garter, place cards, diet lists, crib sheets for oaths and speeches, any telegrams to be read out, trombone, music stand, spare spectacles for Peter, music, spare plastic bags, other documents to be executed immediately after registration of the marriage, and of course - two rings.

Half an our later we were at the venue. Waiting for us was a beautiful vaseful of flowers telegraphed from Amsterdam by Bonita's father Guillaume and her brother Mark and his friend Eugenie.

Bonita went to the dressing room to be helped into her dress by Margaret Booth, who made the gown, and Ann Cook, the Matron of Honour.
dressing dress1dress2

Ray dealt with the place cards, and Peter checked the entrance, rehearsed his 'greeting' gesture, then assembled and tuned his trombone for a practice run through the bridal march. Shortly after, the guests began arriving. Ray gave them their place cards and they were served drinks by the DJ team. By quarter past twelve almost everyone, including Cecily with all her documentation, were there and ready.
door oops

At twelve thirty Wagner's Wedding March was heard throughout the room, announcing, by its opening fanfare, the impending arrival of The Bride.

Right on cue, Bonita The Bride entered, escorted her sons Alex and Winston.

(These are the best shots we've got of this momentous walk - if you can help us with a better one, please do let us know)

When the march-past was complete and Bonita had been escorted to the dais (read dance-floor), she waited with Winston and Alex until the music ended, when Peter would join her for the formalisation of their vows.