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Happy Snaps

On any page you can right-click on an image to save its lo-res file on your computer See Help for details.

If you want hires files or standard photo-prints we will happily send them to you in modest quantities as out gift.

To order files or prints, enter on the form at the foot of this page the filenames (under each thumbnail here) and when you have completed your list of choices, sumbit the form to us. Your system should send us an auto-email when you do that. Failing that, of course, just email or phone us!

If you have images to offer us, please do let us know!

If you have any concerns about being shown on the web, please let us know urgently, by phone, email, or using the form at the bottom of this page.

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You may use this form to tell us if you have concerns about your name or picture being shown, to offer us your (preferably hi-res) image files or photo-prints, and to ask us to send you image files or photo-prints as our gift. If you want large quantities, or enlargements, do say so, and we will get a quote for you. Click here then PageUp to return to the thumbnails above.

Email (if not the one on this computer):
My/our photos may be shown Yes
My/our names may be shown Yes
I have image files or prints to add to your collection,
please contact me
Please send me these image files in full-size
I would like a postcard print of each of these:
Include number and size for multiples and enlargements,
eg "sb, fw, pp, 4 of fj3, 1 of ba 17cm high".
My/our comments are: