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Bonita and Peter

A Tale of Marriage

Copyright Peter Leon Collins © 2003

This is the story of our marriage - how we, Peter Leon Collins and Bonita Lorraine Lipse, met and wed.

We have put together this web album so that our families and friends, if they were with us on the day can share our memories of the delightful time that we had together at our wedding, and if they weren't able to be with us, to let them too share in what took place.

Over the next few weeks - that is, during June 2003 - we will add other images to this catalogue as we complete cropping them and reducing the resolution for more efficient web viewing, as the file sizes are then about 10% of the high resolution versions, which we can send you on request - see the Photo Index for details.

We know that among our guests there were many others with cameras. We would love to hear from you, to share images with you and expand this collection. Some of you have already done so - if you can help too, please don't be shy.
You can contact us and arrange to send us images, through


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