What brought us together?

We don't know exactly - only that for years we were passengers on the same Sydney ferries and doubtlessly came gradually to recognise each other's existence, along with all the others who went to and from their offices by that scenic and generally restful means of transport, where the passengers get views like these, on the way to work:

And the views aren't too bad on the way home, either.

Then one day, when the ferry was crowded, Peter asked Bonita if the seat next to her was taken, and the rest was history, as they say. With mutual friends and aquaintances, in some cases going back almost twenty years on one side and to childhood on the other, we have a lot of background in common, and many common interests. We share a great enjoyment in non-competitive ballroom dancing, and have the same tastes in films, literature, music, architecture, friends, travel, food and fashion.

We also share interests such as kite-flying on remote New Zealand beaches, at which Bonita is a whiz,

and skiing

though for Bonita, preferably where the skis can't take off outside her control

whereas Peter will tackle the steeps even when it's foggy.

Peter enjoys ice-skating - largely to keep fit for skiing, to be sure,

and Bonita, as with skiing, will go along to keep him company, but not with quite the same verve.

To be fair, since Peter fell on the ice and sprained a wrist, he hasn't felt so confident either, and he too now bundles up for safety:

Peter also enjoys sailing and cycling, though Bonita views these, too, as mainly spectator sports.

But with such a commonality of other interests (those that don't involve sliding on frozen water, balancing at speed or a likelihood of drowning) as well as common tastes in perfumes (most important to a successful long-term relationship, after all), the final outcome was never in serious doubt.